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Paintings that Sparkle FAQ

What is a Diamond Painting?
Diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for crafters young and old. Based on the same concept as mosaics and paint-by numbers, diamond painting uses tiny (2.5mm) "diamond"-like resin facets to create colorful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle. 

What do your kits come with? Do they include everything I need to complete the painting?
Yes! Everything but a frame. Each of our kits comes with the following:
  • Pre-printed canvas with design chart (with pre-applied adhesive) 
  • Colored diamonds in separate bags
  • Diamond applicator & tray
Frames are not included with any of our diamond painting kits. Frames can be purchased separately here, or as an add on to your diamond painting kit! All sizes listed in inches are approximate (+/- 0.25"). 

                                  Complete Diamond Painting Kit - diamonds labeled in separate bags

                     Gently shake tray to align diamonds                    Tilt tray 60° to sort diamonds

                              Pre-printed canvas                                                    Stick diamonds to canvas

              Use tweezers to adjust the diamonds                Basic tools included in each kit (stick pen, glue pad, sorting tray)

How long will it take me to finish the painting?
Good rule of thumb is that you should be able to complete an area the size of your hand in an hour. 

What size painting should I choose?
When choosing the correct size for your diamond painting, you should know that "bigger is better". Larger the painting size means better resolution, sharper details and a finished diamond painting that really sparkles! If your image has a lot of detail, or the subject is far from focus, a large size is a must. Choosing a small size for photos of people, pets, or landscapes is not recommended. If you must choose a small size, it's recommended that you select round diamonds for better quality in your finished painting. Square diamonds will not produce well at small sizes. 

Which diamond shape should I choose? Round or Square?
When deciding between square or round diamonds here's some things to consider:

Square Diamonds:

• Square diamonds fit together very neatly, with no gaps, and are preferred when creating larger paintings
• Square diamonds “snap” together and make a sound when you are close to finishing a row and filling in the gaps

Round Diamonds:

• Round diamonds are round in shape and lack corners which means there will be some visible gaps between the diamonds when the artwork is viewed close up
• Round diamonds are easier to pick up and place on the canvas with the applicator
• Round diamonds are generally preferred when producing smaller sized paintings. At small sizes, they tend to create a smoother, clearer painting

It's really just a personal preference. As you become more familiar with diamond painting, you'll develop a preference towards one shape or another depending on your own personal style. 

How do you create a Diamond Painting?
It's easy, fun & a stress reliever! 

Setting up the canvas

Understand how to read the canvas. The canvas is composed of tiny boxes that are colored and labeled with numbers, much like a cross-stitch canvas. Each number corresponds to a diamond color. The numbers are written on a chart, with the corresponding bag and diamond color written below or next to it. The chart is printed on the side of the canvas. 

Unroll the canvas and tape it down onto a flat surface. If the canvas won't lay flat, roll it back the other way, then unroll it. Spread it down onto a flat surface, then secure the edges with masking tape.

Peel back part of the plastic covering on the canvas. Do not peel all of the plastic away; 1 to 2 inches will be plenty. Run your fingernail along the plastic to crease it so that it doesn't roll forwards.

Pour out your first crystal color into the tray. Take a look at the patch of canvas you just exposed. Choose a box to start with, and note the number in it. Look the number up on the chart, then find the bag with the same number. Open up the bag, and pour out some of the crystals onto the tray that came with your kit. 

Applying the diamonds

Dip your pen tool into the gel or wax that came with your kit or use the tweezers. Open up the packet of gel that came with your kit. Dip the narrow end of the pen into the gel/wax to pick some up. This will make it possible for the pen to pick up the crystals.

Use the pen to pick up a crystal. Gently press the tip of the pen against the top, faceted part of the crystal. Lift the pen away from the tray; the crystal should be stuck to it. 

Gently press the crystal against the corresponding square. Pull the pen away; the crystal should be stuck against the canvas. If you are just starting out, it might be a good idea to press lightly at first. This way, if the crystal is off-set, you can nudge it back into place, then press down on it to secure it. This is exactly like painting by number, except that you are using crystals instead.

Fill the rest of the squares in that section. Work one color at a time and refill the pen with gel as needed. When you finish filling in all the squares with the same number code, move onto the next color. This will help you work faster and stay organized. Avoid resting your hand against the canvas; the more you touch the sticky surface, the less tacky it will become.

Peel away more of the plastic covering, and fill in more squares. Continue filling the canvas in using the same technique as before. Work in 1 to 2-inch wide sections, one color at a time. When you completely fill in a section, move onto the next one. Do not peel the entire plastic covering away, or the adhesive on the canvas will get dirty and lose its tack.

Finishing your work

Cover the canvas with the plastic sheet that it came with. If you discarded the sheet, you can cover it with a piece of paper or parchment paper; avoid using wax paper. 

Go over the canvas with a rolling pin. This will press down any loose diamonds and secure them. If you don't have a rolling pin, you can use a can or jar. You can also gently rub the canvas with your hands.

Stack some heavy books on top of the canvas overnight. This will help further adhere the diamonds to the canvas and ensure that they bond properly. If you don't have any books large enough to cover the canvas, you can use another flat, heavy object, such as a box or cutting board.

Peel the tape away. Lift the books off first, then peel the plastic covering off. Peel the tape from the corners of the canvas. Do not trim the excess canvas way, as this may cause the fabric to fray. 

Frame the canvas. Remove the glass from the frame first, then insert the canvas into the frame. Fold the excess edges down, then place the backing into place. Leave the glass out, as it will only dull down the diamonds' sparkle. For a fancier touch, place the canvas behind a mat first; this will give the canvas an additional border within the frame. Choose a color that complements the diamonds.

How do I place an order?
Shop our entire selection of diamond paintings right here in our online catalog. Once we receive your order, the factory will begin production of your items.  

I would like a different size than what you offer on your site? How do I order a smaller/larger size?
Email us with your special requests! We can create paintings in any size you would like. 

I would like a custom painting. How do I order one?
After purchasing your custom painting, you will need to send us a high resolution photo that you would like to be created into a diamond painting kit! Low quality photos will not work for this process. Please make sure your photo is clear, and with good lighting before sending us your photos. We are not responsible for poor quality photos submitted to us for creation of your diamond painting. 

Tips for sending your photo:
1. If your image is square in shape, choose a square painting size. If your image is rectangular in shape, choose a rectangle painting size OR image will be cropped and fit as close as possible to the size you choose.
2. Please choose a high quality, clear photo. 
3. Do not choose photos of people with red faces, or where the lighting is too bright or dark.
4. Do not choose photos where the subject in the photo is too small and far away from focus.

The larger size of painting you choose, the better clarity painting it will produce. Please see photo for example on size vs. quality.

NOTE: If you choose a small painting size and want to use a photo that has a lot of detail, the diamond painting will not be crisp and clear. Choose a larger painting size if your photo has a lot of detail (ex. portraits of people or animals)

How long does it take to receive my order? When will my order ship?
Diamond paintings are made to order. The factory requires approximately 3 weeks for production. You can expect to receive your painting within 6-8 weeks after your order has shipped. 

I'm missing diamonds! What do I do?
If by chance you did not receive enough diamonds to complete your painting, or if our team accidentally forgot to send a color of diamonds, please email us to let us know! We will send out the replacement diamonds as soon possible. Your request for replacement diamonds MUST be made within 1 MONTH of receiving your kit. After 1 month has passed, we can no longer send out replacement diamonds free of charge, and they will need to be purchased from our site.

I have a problem with my painting! What do I do?
If there is an issue with the canvas print, please email us to let us know! Photos of the issue must be included with your email. We will address any issues on a case by case basis. Any issues with your order MUST be brought to our attention within 1 MONTH of receiving your kit. After 1 month has passed, we can no longer correct any concerns or issues that you may have with your kit. It is imperative that you inspect your kit within a timely manner after receiving it. 

What forms of payments do you accept? 
We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. 

Do you accept returns/exchanges?
All products are special ordered for you direct from our factory! Therefore, we do not accept returns, exchanges, cancellations or refunds. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Unauthorized returns of any kind will be automatically returned to sender at your cost. 

**ATTENTION INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS** Shipping charges do not include duties and taxes that may be assessed by your respective Government & Country. It is the buyers responsibility to pay the taxes before final delivery. It is the buyers responsibility to understand all tax liability that may be assessed to the package for importing items into your country before making a purchase with us. If a package is returned to us due to customs taxes not being paid or for failure to pick up your package, a 35% restocking fee applies. It is the buyers responsibility to contact us regarding returned packages. All shipping charges are non-refundable.

Other Questions?
Have a question? Please don't hesitate to email us! We will respond to your question as soon as possible.