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We cannot provide any more information than the tracking provides or know exactly when your order will be delivered

We are monitoring the tracking status of all outstanding orders on a daily basis. We are aware that the tracking status of your order may show that it's been in China for weeks or months. The factory that shipped your order is aware of the situation as well and informed us that flights are limited. Priority of flights is being given to medical supplies to help the world during this pandemic. Your package will move once it is able to be put onto a flight. 

We ask that you have patience. We understand that it may have been months since you ordered, however, the situation that is happening throughout the world, which began in January 2020, is what is causing the delay. Your order will be delivered once the world is able to return to a normal pace. 

This is a difficult time for everyone and we appreciate your continued patience in this matter. 

Thank you,
Painting with Diamonds Kits


When will my order ship? When will I receive my order? 

Diamond paintings are produced and shipped within 1-2 weeks. You can expect to receive your painting within 6-8 weeks after your order has shipped. You can track your order at

Enter your tracking number here to check the status of your shipment. 

What size painting should I choose?
When choosing the correct size for your diamond painting, you should know that "bigger is better". Larger the painting size means better resolution, sharper details and a finished diamond painting that really sparkles! If your image has a lot of detail, or the subject is far from focus, a large size is a must. Choosing a small size for photos of people, pets, or landscapes is not recommended. If you must choose a small size, it's recommended that you select round diamonds for better quality in your finished painting. Square diamonds will not produce well at small sizes. 

Do you accept returns or exchanges?
Paintings are special ordered for you from our factory. We do not accept returns, exchanges, cancellations or provide refunds on order. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

Our email address is [email protected]

For more frequently asked questions, please visit our FAQ page, or send us a message below. 

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